Detailed regulations

Detailed regulation plan is made for the purpose of: improvement of undeveloped parts of settlements, arrangement of informal settlements, urban renewal zones, infrastructure corridors, construction development within the construction area outside the settlements and the protected areas with immovable cultural property. Detailed regulation plan is also called operational plan because it contains regulation and elevation elements, routes, corridors and capacities for traffic, utilities, energy and other infrastructure, as well as rules for urban design and construction for whole territory covered by the plan. Detailed Regulation Plan engage with composition/design plan and landscape plan for the zones expected for urban renewal, revitalization and rehabilitation. The degree of details in these plans is such that it can be directly implemented. Detailed regulation plans for the city of Belgrade Depending on the laws on planning and construction, Detailed Regulation Plan changed its name through the years. Around 400 plans are currently active and in the process of implementation or implemented in Belgrade. To note – All of them have very similar content, but still different names: Detailed Urban Plan, Regulation Plan, Detailed Regulation Plan. You might take a look at the Plans of Detailed Regulation:

It is possible to have an insight into whole territory of city of Belgrade thanks to BeoINFO application. The search criteria are the name of the street and the number of the building within the borders of current urban plans. To note In order to access BeoINFO application is necessary to pre-install the appropriate plug-in for the Internet Explorer and make your browser able to run the maps. This plug-in can be downloaded and installed independently. If you directly access BeoINFO application the installation will start automatically. You should install the “Beoinfo” font if you want to access Serbian language. MapGuide ActiveX (Plugin) for Internet Explorer