Implementation of urban plans

Besides its main activities – development of spatial and urban plans, Urban Planning Institute Belgrade is engaged with the number of other jobs related to urban planning (preparation and implementation of plans). Certain tasks are identified and defined by the Law on Planning and Construction and the Master Plan of Belgrade 2021, while others are based of other laws and regulations. Urban Planning Institute is engaged with the following tasks that are financed by legal entities or individuals:

  • Analyses, studies, strategies, research;
  • Urban planning projects;
  • Professional opinion on planning solutions, plans or projects;
  • Coordination of the project development on the local (city) level;
  • Consulting services related to the field of urban planning and construction (planning procedures, feasibility studies, etc..)
  • International plans and projects;
  • Organization and involvement of public experts in urban / spatial program evaluation for significant tasks in the city (for example: the area of Ada Huja, Sremska Street, blocks 25 and 26 in New Belgrade, Sava amphitheater, the Ministry of the Interior …);
  • Preparation and production of conditions for public and urban -architectural competitions, as well as organization of competitions;
  • Spatial program evaluation for specific areas of the city.

Legal framework of our work is regulated by laws on organization, management and spatial planning. Those are: Law of Planning and Construction (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia br. 72/09, 81/09-correction, 64/10US and 24/11), Law on the Capital (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.129/07), Law on Local Government (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.129/07), Law on Local Government Financing (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.62/06), The Statute of the City (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.39/08) and other laws and bylaws. Around 150 permanent employees currently work at Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade. These are architects, engineers of all profiles, spatial planners, art historians, economists, lawyers and sociologists. When complex tasks require special expertise, some of the prominent experts are also engaged to our working process.

Urban planning project

The reason for elaborating urban planning projects represents the necessity to define the construction parcels and architectural-urban elements of spatial development, as well as to be used as the groundwork for elaborating technical documentation for the construction of new facilities. Urban planning projects, endorsed by City Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction, represent necessary legal condition for determining construction parcel. On the other hand, they are not sufficient in case legal property rights are not regulated. Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade has elaborated more than 80 endorsed urban planning projects, while additional 20 projects are in the endorsement procedure. Some of the most significant and complex urban planning projects we have done so far are:

  • Urban planning project for reparcellation and construction on KP 2222/8, 2222/12, 2222/10, 2985, 2198/3, 2988/1, 2986/1 and 2987 KO New Belgrade in the part of the Block 65 in New Belgrade.
  • Urban planning project for hotel-business complex in Rajićeva street in Belgrade.
  • Urban planning project for reconstruction and upgrade of the sports and recreational center “Tašmajdan”.
  • Urban planning project of the Center for Emergency Situations Ministry of Interior, in Block 40 in New Belgrade.
  • Reparcellation project for the construction of social housing in Veliki Mokri Lug.
  • Urban planning project for the new building of the Municipal Institute for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Belgrade.
  • Urban planning project for the construction of IAS “Bežanija” with connection to city gas pipeline from Zemun to IAS “Bežanija”.
  • Urban planning project for the centre for promotion of science, the Institute of Science, and nano Center in Block 39 in New Belgrade.
  • Urban planning project on the site of “Stepa Stepanovic” military barracks in Vozdovac.
  • Urban planning project for the construction of elementary school in Visnjicka banja.
  • Urban planning project for the residential complex located west of the urban neighborhood ”Dr Ivan Ribar”
  • Urban planning project „Zemun kej” for the waterfront area along the Old Centre of Zemun on Danube river.