Services of the Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade

Professional staff of Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade successfully designs spatial and urban plans, studies, analysis, projects and also carries out consultation activities. What we particularly have in mind is the economic feasibility of suggestions and solutions for the development and construction of the City. We are registered for the activity of spatial planning, urban planning as well as scientific research, analysis, consulting and management, database preparation, publishing, research and development, and other. In cooperation with related educational institutions the Institute also provides education in the field of urban planning. Legal framework of our work is regulated by laws on organization, management and spatial planning. Those are: Law of Planning and Construction (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia br. 72/09, 81/09-correction, 64/10US and 24/11), Law on the Capital (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.129/07), Law on Local Government (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.129/07), Law on Local Government Financing (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.62/06), The Statute of the City (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.39/08) and other laws and bylaws. Around 150 permanent employees currently work at Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade. These are architects, engineers of all profiles, spatial planners, art historians, economists, lawyers and sociologists. When complex tasks require special expertise, some of the prominent experts are also engaged to our working process. At the request of interested clients, individuals and legal entities, domestic and foreign investors, the Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade explores and makes plans for construction sites. You can contact us if you are interested in: Elements for the preparation of decision for obtaining the plan document, spatial plan, urban plan, urban project, feasibility study, information and opinion, study, analysis, research, spatial program evaluation or urban and architectural competition for a project. If you financing and building in Belgrade and you need experts to produce complete documentation, Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade is here. Contact us.

Search for potential locations

For the purpose of preparation, implementation and realization of urban plans and spatial program evaluations, Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade is engaged with following: studies, research, analysis, spatial program evaluation and preparation of supporting documentation. These actions ensure detailed elaboration of specific subject areas or locations. Studies, research, spatial program evaluations, analysis and expert surveys are often made for the purpose of testing sites where new construction is possible. Spatial program evaluation of capacity, land use, traffic etc. are also undertook within the activities of Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade. Such large projects are done as a legal obligation, but also with the aim to develop unique and comprehensive observation priorities. The goal is to methodologically investigate, analyze and plan the space with a specific purpose, issue and characteristics.

Spatial-program evaluations

For the purposes of spatial-program evaluations for specific urban areas of the City, the Urban Planning Institute periodically organizes public professional surveys and professional competitions. Spatial-program evaluations are done in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade Association of Urbanists, Belgrade Association of Architects, Architects´ Club, the Academy of Architecture of Serbia and other specialized institutions. This method was applied on the Ada Huja area, as well as on Blocks 25 and 26 and Vojvodjanska Street in New Belgrade. Professional surveys galvanize various ideas about the City space, providing different solutions, discovering new space potentials and offering a variety of urban scenarios and solutions for particular locations in the City. These professional evaluations are the first step in thematic studies preparation and the basis for further planning procedures.

Conferences and Workshops

Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade takes part in organization, coordinates and carries out activities in preparation of conferences and workshops of local, national and international importance. The Institute always organizes these events in cooperation with partner cities, similar institutions or cultural institutions of City of Belgrade, with the purpose of professional advancement, good cooperation and promotion of Belgrade. These are some of the examples of successful projects, exchanges and cooperation: workshop “Social and Modern – Housing in Vienna”, international conference “Belgrade – Modern and Postmodern City” (AIA Continental Europe – European Department of the American Institute of Architects), workshop on urban technologies (Professional Exchange Belgrade – Vienna), workshop STADSLAB Master class, etc.


Independently or in cooperation with institutions and organizations from Serbia and abroad, Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade organizes professional exhibitions in the field of urban and spatial planning, urban development, environment, mobility, safety, communications, energy, transport and other topics of importance for the City of Belgrade. The following exhibitions have been presented: “Creative Barcelona in Belgrade” (2007), the European prize for public space “For Public Spaces in the City” (2008), “Vienna Housing. Innovative. Social. Ecological.” (2009), “Vienna Know-How: Urban Technologies and Strategies” (2010). URBAN PLANNING INSTITUTE OF BELGRADE 30, Palmoticeva St, Belgrade, SERBIA Phone (+38111)3331-500 / Fax (+38111)3331-550