About Us

Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade is a public urbanistic company, founded by Belgrade City Assembly to elaborate planning documents concerning construction and development of Belgrade. Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade cooperates with the institutions authorized for urbanism and planning in different European cities, various representatives of the investment groups and funds and of the non-profit sector, financing projects in the region. It organizes and takes part in expert public tribunes, workshops, seminars, forums, including public presentations and public insight. Professionalism of its staff, following the contemporary world trends and experiences, visionary of the young and experience of the older generations make Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade the most prominent planning institution in the City. We love our work and wish Belgrade to be modern, creative, rational and European city, agreeable for living, work and visits. That is why we want to see Belgrade continually planned, designed and constructed, competitive and sustainable and that those who wish to work could find a job and their future here.