Sixty five years of tradition

Predecessor of nowadays Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade was founded after the Second World War, as the Urban Institute at Construction Ministry of People Republic of Serbia, although its rudiments are appearing far back in the 19th century Serbian state institutions, like Construction Department of the «Popečiteljstvo vnutrenih dela» (Ministary of Internal affairs) from 1862 and then in the succeeding Construction Ministary with its special departments from 1881. During six decades of its existence the Institute has been transformed several times, so finally the Urban Planning Institute was established in 1999, as the public enterprise with basic field of work in elaborating urbanistic plans of different levels and scope.

1945 – 1958

Urban Planning Institute as the central city service taking care about regularity of constructions, i.e. the service with special mandate for the job, appeared in 1945 in Federative People’s Republic Yugoslavia as the Urban Department of EPC(Executive People’s Committee) with the assignment – preparation of Belgrade General Plan. The same year, it was redirected to Town Planning Institute of PR Serbia, formally founded in 1946, and as early as 1947. it was replaced with Town Planning Institute as a part of Planning Commission of Serbia. In 1948, it was transformed in Town Planning Institute of EPC (IONO), Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade in free translation, i.e. with its nowadays name. During following two years, this Institute prepared distinguished General Plan of Belgrade, though its activity subsided afterwards.

1958 – 1974

Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade was founded in 1958, as the organisation of special public interest. As a public company, that feature the Institute kept up till now. This Institute is the most stabile organizational form of dealing with town planning issues. In the following sixteen years, the number of employes was multiplied. Great number of plans has been elaborated, including famous General Plan of Belgrade 1972.

1974 – 1992

In 1974, town planning/urbanism, understood as subcategory of socio-economic planning with its activity keeping prefix town planning/urbanistic (general urbanistic plan, detailed, Urbanistic Conditions, i.e. conditions for spatial development) was assigned to Institute for Planning of Development of the City of Belgrade, while administrative assignments of former Town Planning Insitute were transferred to newly founded Secretariat for Urbanistic planning, what remained the same up till today. And this Institute »lives« – up till 1986, when assignments of the detailed town planning and preparation of Urbanistic Conditions became subject of market competition, and newly founded Urban Planning Institute kept only general urbanistic planning. Such Institute lasted for another six years – till 1992.

From 1992 up till today…

The Institute became a part of the City Administration in 1992, losing its prefix „City” and becoming Planning Institute, it took over its former assignements and activities. By the end of 1994. nowadays Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade was founded, i.e. town planning again, and authorized again to prepare all the genuine products of town planning, acquiring in 1999 the status of public company. In comparison to the Urban Planning Institute 1958-1974. only administrative assignements remained outside the Institute.