Professional staff of Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade successfully designs spatial and urban plans, studies, analysis, projects and also carries out consultation activities. What we particularly have in mind is the economic feasibility of suggestions and solutions for the development and construction of the City.

We are registered for the activity of spatial planning, urban planning as well as scientific research, analysis, consulting and management, database preparation, publishing, research and development, and other. In cooperation with related educational institutions the Institute also provides education in the field of urban planning.

Legal framework of our work is regulated by laws on organization, management and spatial planning. Those are: Law of Planning and Construction (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia br. 72/09, 81/09-correction, 64/10US and 24/11), Law on the Capital (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.129/07), Law on Local Government (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.129/07), Law on Local Government Financing (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.62/06), The Statute of the City (Gazette of Republic of Serbia br.39/08) and other laws and bylaws.

The work of Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade is financed from the City Budget, than with financial resources transferred by Belgrade Land Development Public Agency, and its direct income from services, individuals and companies, based on contracts and in accordance to the Price-list of services JUP “Urban Planning Institute Belgrade”.

Around 150 permanent employees currently work at Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade. These are architects, engineers of all profiles, spatial planners, art historians, economists, lawyers and sociologists. When complex tasks require special expertise, some of the prominent experts are also engaged to our working process.