General plan for construction of the complex within the industrial zone of Gornji Zemun

The investor’s reason for elaborating the urbanistic project was the necessity to define the construction parcels and architectural-urbanistic elements for space development, to be used as the groundwork for elaborating technical documentation for the construction of the new facilities. The urbanistic project establishes five construction parcels, elaborating in detail parcel 2, as the first phase of planned construction within the complex. The development of the other parcels will be completed in phases, in accordance to the investor’s schedule.

The referent complex is situated between the transport routes- Batajnica road and Belgrade-Novi Sad highway, within the industrial zone Gornji Zemun,the area which has been intensively developed and constructed recently. The space included in the urbanistic project is 20.23 hectares.

The space within the complex is designated for constructions of: specialized retail facilities (exhibition-sale space, general store for furniture and house equipment, sales facilities of consumer goods – hypermarket and hypermarket and petrol station), transport space (parking space, accesses and manipulation levels, pedestrian communication) and developed greenery.

The space within the boundaries of the urbanistic project is designed in five separate functional units with the following planned use of facilities: B-storage-distribution center “METRO Cash&Carry”, C-exhibition-sales space, D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5- market-service centers and E- petrol station complex. Urbanistic project elaborates detailed architectural-urbanistic solution of the space within construction parcel 2, designated for construction of the facility B.