What we can offer you

Urbanistic Project

Before initiating elaboration of an Urbanistic Project, it is necessary to obtain the Opinion about Possibility of Elaboration of the Urbanistic Project . from the Secretariat for Urbanistic Planning and Constructions. Secretariat for Urbanistic Planning and Constructions will direct you to us, to contract elaboration of your Urbanistic Project here.

On the ground of mutual agreement and depending on what you wish to be done:
  • Urbanistic project of reparcelation or
  • Urbanistic project of reparcelation and construction
It is necessary to submit the copy of the plan and the sketch of the planned interventions (by E mail). After that, you will receive our offer including service price and deadline for finalization.

Contact us, if you are interested in the continuation of the procedure.

After receiving official offer for elaborating Urbanistic Conditions from the Institute, it is necessary to submit...

Urbanistic plan

Secretariat for Urbanistic Planning and Constructions direct you to obtain Urbanistic plan here. Law on Planning and Constructions defines procedure in two steps: Program for making decision for the elaboration of the Urbanistic plan and Elaboration of the Urbanistic Plan

Based on mutual agreement our Offer icorporating suggested areassuch as price and deadline for finalization,will be prepared.
  • Elaboration of the Program
  • Elaboration of the Plan
  • Elaboration of the Program and the Plan
Contact us to make agreement about further cooperation

Information and opinions

You need Opinion about:
  • potentials of a specific location
  • possibilities of transformation of a location sustainability
  • harmonization with valid planning documents
  • procedure
Contact us, if you are interested in the continuation of the procedure.

Analysis, Studies, Researches

If you wish to build a specific sort of structure, some research work will be done for you in order to find potential locations...

You have the location and wish to develop it in an optimal way – We will do the analysis of potentials of the specific location ,so that you can can fully realize your needs there.
You need a feasibility study – It will be done by us.

Contact us to agree on further cooperation.

Elaboration of foundations

for Urbanistic Project and Urbanistic Plan

In case you need it, we might prepare all the necessary foundations for realization of the urbanistic conditions, projects, plans… Contact us

Preparation of Expertises

Preparation of expertise is necessary for your location... br />
We can prepare you the elements for the expertise and take you through the procedure.
Contact us to agree on further cooperation.

Required Documentation

For elaboration of Urbanistic Conditions and Urbanistic Project, and after receiving the official Offer from Town Planning Institute, it is necessary to enclose:
  • Up-to-date topographic plan of the wider location in analogue (printed and digital form, notarized in Republic Geodetic Authority, 27. marta street 43-45 (Scale ratio 1:500 or 1:1000);
  • Cadastre copy of lines and underground installations on paus paper;
  • Copy of the cadastre extract on paus, the date of issue must not excede six months,with plotted decimeter network and coordinates of that network;
  • Conceptual solution: position of the structure on the parcel, on the copy of cadastre extract; Foundations (underground, above-ground floors and roof), characteristic crosscuts, aspects, (SR 1:100);
  • Geological-geodetic elaborate about construction conditions;
  • Conditions of preservation, maintenance and use of cultural heritage having previous protection and determining preservation measures, Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade, (Kalemegdan no. 14.).
For all additional information, contact phone number will be specified in the offer.