Urbanisation Project – Hotel-Business centre in Rajićeva street

The aim of elaborating this urbanistic project was to define construction parcels and architectural-urbanistic elements for space development which should be used as the base for elaborating of the technical documentation for the facility construction. In this urbanistic project two new construction parcels are created, and construction parcel 1 is elaborated in more detail. The urbanistic project covers the territory of 1.74 hectares.

Realization of the hotel-business complex in Rajićeva street has been planned in two phases. Phase one, the object of elaboration in the urbanistic project, excludes northwest part of the Block 20, due to the procedure of solving real estate property rights. This space will be incorporated in the complex during the second phase and it is partially designated for commercial structures, and in its prevailing part for full completion of hotel capacities (total of 243 hotel units). After finalization, the facility in Block 20 will be united and functionally connected complex. Planned total gross constructed area GCA (BRGP) of the complex by the end of the second phase will be 41.000m2 (subterrain and above-ground structures).

Situation plan with regulation-nivelation elements
[dwf 103 KB]

Urbanistic-architectural solution with ground floor regulation
[dwf 103KB]

Inside the Block 20, complex commercial uses are prevailing: trade, business and hotel structures, and underground floors will be parking space. On the subterrain floor there are a hypermarket with storage space and a part of the hotel structure. On the second and the third underground floor there is the depot of the City Library. On the floors above the ground there is the hotel structure and shopping center with additional functions (cafes, restaurants, dancing club, cineplex, etc.)

The entrances to the complex are positioned from all sides of the facility and in this way approach to all the structures is enabled and pedestrian trajectory through block is preserved, achieving maximum accessibility and permeability of the facility. Car approaches are planned on two positions: from the streets Kralja Petra (economic access) and Uzun Mirkova.

The piazzetta, designed in front of the structure towards Knez Mihajlova street, connects structures of the complex with public space of the pedestrian zone.