Ranko Radovic Award 2012

ULUPUDS - Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia, as a Founder, and The Faculty of Architecture of Belgrade, The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad – Department for Architecture and Town Planning, The Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia, The Ilija Milosavljević Kolarac Foundation, The Institute of Urbanism Belgrade, Company “Potisje Kanjiža” The and The Serbian Chamber of Engineers, as Co-Founders – announce Public invitation - competition For RANKO RADOVIC Award 2012. The AWARD was founded with the aim to encourage, develop and promote critical theoretical thought in the field of architecture and creativity in architecture.

There are three categories of awards, which are awarded to:

  1. critical-theoretical texts on architecture, published in the previous calendar year as well as in the current year to the date of award, and for reviews, essays, books, lectures and the written word in general;
  2. television shows, exhibitions and multimedia presentations, and
  3. realized architectural work completed in the same period.

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The Scientific Society for the History of Health Culture and the New Balkans Institute will organize an international conference „The urban public space and the health culture in Belgrade“ together with the Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade and the Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade, which will be held in Belgrade on 19-20 November in premises of the Scientific Society, Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Architecture.

Call for Papers - The urban public space and the health culture in Belgrade (November 2012)

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Belgrade October Salon

53rd October Salon / Announcement
from 22nd of September to 4th of November 2012.

53rd October Salon will be held from 22nd September to 4th November in the former building of the Geodetic Institute in Karadjordjeva street. The slogan of the event is "Good life – physical narratives of spatial imagination". Curators of the Salon are Branislav Dimitrijevic, a professor of art history and theory, and Mika Hanula, a professor of art studies at the School of Art and Design at the University of Gothenburg.

This project will gather approximately forty participants from Finland, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Serbia.

Sponsor of the salon is the city of Belgrade. The event was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Embassy of Sweden and Finland in Belgrade, foundations "FRAME" and "Mondrian", "SAHA" association, "IASPIS" and Judicial Academy.

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The waterfront center "BETON HALA"


The Belgrade City Assembly and the Agency for Investment and Housing, in cooperation with the Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade, have announced in February 2011, an international, anonymous, one-stage competition for preliminary architectural and urban planning design of the Waterfront Center "BETON HALA". The goal of the competition was to conduct a broad survey so as to find the best solution of delicate Belgrade waterfront area and connections between international passenger port, Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade Fortress and the city center. 135 entries were received, and the jury awarded two equal first prizes, two equal third prizes, one purchase and two honourable mentions. The competition was organized by the Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade with the support of the Association of Belgrade Architects.

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